Desktop Wallpapers and Nature Backgrounds

Welcome to Natures Desktop wallpapers. We have 100s of desktop backgrounds available for various screen sizes from 320x480 for iPhones up to 1680x1050.

All images are free to use as desktop wallpapers on personal computers, iPads, tablets and cell phones.

No account is needed.

The best wallpapers is a good place to start - as well as our favorite background pictures, there's also links to all the other galleries.

My latest photos can be purchased from I have sections on Lake District Canvas Prints or Framed Prints. Plus collections of Cornwall Canvases and Framed prints of Cornwall.

Wallpaper Galleries

Best of Natures Desktop best of desktop backgrounds

A selection ofour favourite wallpapers on Natures Desktop Backgrounds.

New Desktop Wallpapers New desktop backgrounds

The newest desktop backgrounds added to natures desktop.

Classic Desktop Backgrounds Classic desktop backgrounds

A selection of images that make nice desktop backgrounds - patterns, water, clouds etc

Landscape Wallpaper landscape backgrounds

Desktop wallpapers of scenic landscapes from around the UK.

Lake Wallpaper lake backgrounds

Desktop background pictures of lakes from around the UK.

Ideas for Places To Visit places to visit in the UK

Ideas for places to visit around the UK. These are the gardens, parks, nature reserves, walk, lakes and villages that i've visited while taking the photos for Natures

Scenic Beach Backgrounds Beach desktop backgrounds

Sea, sand, pebbles and shells. Pictures of beaches around the UK.

Sunset Wallpaper sunset backgrounds

Beautiful sunsets over land and sea. Plus a few sunrises for good measure.

Coastal Desktop Backgrounds Coastal Desktop background

Pictures of the UK coastline - Cliffs, villages, boats and coatal views.

Beautiful Flower Wallpaper Flower wallpapers

Lots and lots of flower photographs from gardens and parks all around the UK.

Rose Background Wallpapers Rose background wallpapers

Beautiful roses in a variety of vivid colours.

Wildflowers Wildflower background wallpapers

Pictures of colourful wildflowers and meadows.

Meadow Backgrounds Meadow background wallpapers

Lovely wide pictures of summer flower meadows.

Spring Blossom Wallpaper Blossom background wallpapers

Colourful Spring time blossom background pictures.

Sky Wallpaper Clouds and Sky wallpapers

Desktop backgrounds of cloud patterns, dusky colourful skies.

Black and White Wallpaper Black and White backgrounds

Moody black and white photographs.

Stream and Waterfall Backgrounds stream backgrounds

Photos of streams and brooks.

Animal Wallpaper Animal wallpaper

Desktop wallpapers of animals of all kinds. Elephants to Meerkats.

Abstract Water Backgrounds abstract water backgrounds

Gentle waves, ripples, reflections and other abstract water pattern pictures.

Bird Wallpaper Bird backgrounds

Desktop wallpapers of birds large and small. Robins, pigeons and birds of prey.

Tree Desktop Backgrounds Tree background wallpapers

Desktop wallpapers pictures of Trees, leaves, woodland and forests.

Sea Wallpapers Godrevy Lighthouse across St Ives Bay in Cornwall

Pictures of oceans waves, seascapes and surf.

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