Cloud and Sky Wallpaper Gallery 1

Loads of free sky wallpaper pictures. Photos of colourful skies at dusk and sunset, rainbows and powerful storm clouds.

Downloading sky Wallpapers

sky pictures are available in sizes from 320x480 for iPhones, 1024x768 iPad backgrounds and on up to 1680x1050 for widescreen monitors.

Free downloading of sky wallpapers - just click on the small thumbnail image to see a preview sized version and then choose the size you need from the list to the right of the image.

Sky Wallpaper Gallery 1

cloud pattern over Nottingham, uk - by Natures desktop

Sky River

Ribbon of Blue Sky Between Clouds

All sky backgrounds/ Photos on this site may also be used for FREE as web banners, backgrounds and as non downloadable images on web sites. Please visit our Free Image Use page for more information.

The photographs and images on this site are for use as desktop backgrounds on personal computer's, tablets and phones.

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